Cloud Based Applications
Cloud Based Applications

In the clouds

Today cloud computing has become a common way of delivering services via the Internet. This cloud service can be accessed from anywhere on the web: your desktop web browser, mobile phone, tablet PC or even TV.

Cloud-based solutions have a number of advantages for business over the traditional way of providing services. Among them these benefits are: cost saving, device and location independence, scalability, reliability, performance, utilization of resources and security.

Our main areas in cloud application development

A fundamental component of any IT solution, this usually consists of visualization environment, networking and storage. IaaS helps to deliver computer infrastructure, such as: network equipment, servers, system software and file space. In the field of IaaS we specialize in implementation of web services and mobile app back-ends, which are based on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud Hosting, as well as accelerate content delivery by using providers such as Akamai CDN.
A cloud based solution stack which helps to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain an application using the same integrated development environment (IDE), but without the complexity of maintaining hardware and system software.

We use proven Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, innovative Windows Azure platform and offers professional dedicated teams of Azure developers to create different cloud apps, ranging from specialized search engines to consumer applications that could be published and sold through Windows Azure Marketplace. We see Windows Azure development as the fastest way for your product to hit the market and scale without any hardware limits.
Any kind of software hosted together with its data, used on demand and delivered through the Internet. We have extensive experience in implementation of specific SaaS solutions in our main business domains.
cloud application development

Reinvent Systems provide the following cloud computing development services:

  • Cloud Architecture Consulting
  • General cloud based application development
  • Migration to cloud
  • Amazon EC2 development
  • Rackspace platform solutions
  • Back-end implementation for mobile apps
  • Acceleration of content delivery
  • Windows Azure application development

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