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Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives all your staff the tools to develop faster, more profitable sales and happier customers. Hosted in the cloud, there's no new in-house IT or admin hassle. Switch on for a simple monthly tariff today and you could be getting new leads by tomorrow.


Microsoft CRM allows your organization to maximize sales productivity, effectively manage leads and opportunities, shorten sales cycles, increase close rates and grow your business smarter and faster.

Lead Management

Automatically assign activities and ownership for both inbound leads and existing leads based on predefined rules using out of the box work flows

Improve coordination with marketing

Real time visibility of leads by segment

Easily identify your hottest leads with conditional formatting

Opportunity Management

Track, segment and maintain visibility to all of your opportunities, with all the essential information you need in one central location

Create personalized quotes with specific pricing information and streamline the process from quote to order to invoice

Easily track revenues and success against competition

Account Management

Keep track of any interactions or activities associated with an account or contact

Leverage work flows and create automatic date specific reminders to keep track of important events

Get a 360 degree view of your accounts and see how they relate to everyone else in your database

Pipeline Management

Create and track quotas by date, employee, team, territory, business unit and more

Visual, out of the box pipeline reporting and dashboards

Track sales pipeline to improve forecasting


Microsoft CRM is a flexible solution that allows your marketing team to access critical data, segment audience members, streamline campaign planning and make data-driven decisions to generate more leads for your business.

Campaign Planning / Management

Create highly targeted marketing lists, so that you can deliver highly relevant and personalized messaging

Easily track campaign expenses, activities, and responses for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts

Automatically trigger campaign responses based on easy to define rules

Lead Generation / Management

Easily track marketing effectiveness by automatically associating leads with campaign/marketing activities

Automatically assign and score leads based on a wide range of user defined rules

Out of the box web form and landing page integration help keep track of your web marketing efforts

Maintain visibility to your most important leads by leveraging personalized views and conditional formatting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Evaluate campaign effectiveness and ROI with out of the box marketing reports

Segment and identify your core prospects

Use visual marketing dashboards to monitor your campaigns/marketing activities in real time

Customer Service

Microsoft CRM provides your customer service team with the critical information they need to offer personalized service, respond to cases quickly and provide accurate resolutions.

Case Management

Automate case assignments based on customer type, industry, and product type among a wide range of other factors

Ensure that cases are handled in a timely fashion with automated reminders and escalation procedures, driven by user defined rules, approval procedures and out of the box work flows

Easily manage cases by individual or team with personalized views and dashboards


Effectively schedule and manage your team with a central view of both service calendars and resource availability.

Easily create and manage recurring appointments

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Measure and track the effectiveness and efficiency of your service department by leveraging out of the box service reporting

Easily slice and dice your data with customizable, built-in real time dashboards - or export your data into excel

Analyze your data and evaluate your performance at an individual, team, business unit, and organizational level

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers robust, out of the box business intelligence and reporting capabilities, including role tailored dashboards and data visualizations.

Role Tailored, Flexible Dashboard Reporting

One of the features that differentiates Microsoft Dynamics CRM from other CRM applications including Salesforce are the visual, easy to customize, role tailored dashboard reporting that comes out of the box. This provides your employees with full visibility and easy access to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that makes sense to them - and this includes the ability to simply drill down into data with the click of a mouse, to get a more granular view of this data.

On The Fly Reporting

Microsoft CRM is powered by Microsoft SQL Reporting Services - This means that your employees will have instant access to a wide range of pre-built reports as well as easy to built custom reports. Microsoft CRM Online includes SQL Reporting Services, while an On Premise Deployment will require you host it on your own server. This deep level of on the fly reporting will provide your staff with the information they need to make better business decisions.

Here is a top-line view of one of the many Microsoft CRM 2011 Sales Reports that come out of the box:


Microsoft CRM 2011 is fully customizable, meaning it can be adapted to manage any critical relationship in your business.

Reinvent Systems CRM Development Services

What we offer

  • Business Consulting – We can analyze your existing business processes and gather your business requirements, and develop a plan for customization based on your unique business needs.

  • Customization – Develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations, to help tailor it to your business and industry requirements

  • Configuration & Deployment – Our CRM System Architects can quickly analyze your IT enviromment, networks and infrastructure, and help prepare it for a MS CRM installation. Additionally we can configure your additional server components and applications, such as Sharepoint, SQL Server and Reporting Services

  • Data Migration - We have many years of experience in data migration, we can device a data migration plan to move your data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We can help you migrate data from your legacy software and applications to Microsoft CRM.

  • Integration - Integration with SharePoint and other systems

  • Emergency Support - Our experienced CRM Consultants, Architects and Developers can provide emergency support, we can quickly connect to your CRM instance via remote access to your network.

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