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Application & Data security is an ever growing area in both application development and the wider information security sector. Typically efforts have been focused on infrastructure, hardware and traditional information security practices. However now there has been an even shift towards application and software security, focusing on auditing, authentication and authorisations, scalability, high availability design, encryption, code analysis and database design.

As the concern for application security increases, Reinvent Systems will be at the forefront in developing secure software solutions and applications, which can help organisations prepare for the growing cyber security treat. We have the experience to help architect your existing software solutions to better mitigate this risk.

Application Security

Application Security

At the core of every application is the data that is stored, retrieved and manipulated either within your own office premises, or over large distances using the Internet. There are many reasons why you may be consider hardening your software products:

  • Does your application require a strict set of security and privacy requirements such as Role Based Security, Encryption, Data Integrity just to name a few?
  • Do you work in a regulated industry such as the Financial or Government Sectors?
  • Lacking internal experience to successfully build secure applications?
  • You have identified security flaws during an audit which need resolving?
  • Protect your product, code and data store from attack and reserve engineering?
  • Better adhere to industry best practices and protect your customer, employee and financial data?

Whatever the reason maybe, we can all agree that it is becoming ever more critical to build software applications on a foundation of security principles.

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